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Award Winning Books - National and Regional

2012 CIPA EVVY AWARDS: 1st Place - Non Fiction / New Experiences and Merit Award: Inspiration
2012 NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARDS: Finalist - New Non Fiction / Finalist Inspirational
2013 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARD (USA Books): Winner - Animal/Pets / Non Fiction Narrative
BEST BOOK OF 2013 AWARD (USA Books): Winner - Animal/Pets / Non Fiction Narrative

2011 CIPA EVVY WINNER (Colorado Independent Publishers Association): 2nd Place: Layout and Design, 2nd Place: Memoir, 3rd Place: Spirituality

"I was so fortunate to have been directed to Nick as my book designer. I was a newbie in the book publishing business and didn't know what to expect. Once Nick was on the project, I felt like I was his only client, although I knew he was a very busy man. Nick guided me gently through the process and made it actually fun for me. My book came to life under his magical, creative and intuitive hand. Working with Nick on this phase of the project was my favorite part of publishing my book. I will refer everyone who needs a book designer to Nick."
- Maria Weber, Author

2011 CIPA EVVY WINNER: 1st place Inspirational, 2nd place Non-fiction, 3rd place Spirituality

"I loved working with Nick on this project. He was thorough and knowledgeable throughout the process. I was never waiting for him - he was always patiently waiting for me. He knows the ins and outs of getting a book put together and successfully to market, and was a tremendous help to me. I am a very picky customer who is sometimes too much of a perfectionist, and Nick did a really great job of working closely with me and getting us to a successful project completion and with a product that I was very pleased with."
- Neil Hanson, Author

2011 CIPA EVVY WINNER and FINALIST, the USA "Best Books 2011" Awards, sponsored by USA Book News

"In a world full of ASAP's, OMG's and WTF's, it was an enormous relief to find Nick Zelinger, a true professional that you can count on at every turn of the page. He sticks to schedule, keeps you in the loop, and takes care of issues before you know they're issues. A treasure in the industry."
- Polly Letofsky, Author


- Gretchen Minney, Author


"Nick Zelinger and NZ Graphics ROCKS! The process of making a children's picturebook is arduous! (At least mine was!) There are so many details and so many opportunities to dance the never ending dance of "can we try it this way?" What I like most about working with Nick is his easy going demeanor, even when I asked him to redo something for the umteenth-million time. He never once got frustrated or irritated with me, or my project (or at least he never showed it) what a pro! He also brings a boatload of experience to the table! My award winning book owes him so much!"
- Penny Holguin, author, Sarah O'Hara: Gift of the Fairy Wings


"Simply stated, Nick Zelinger is a genius. I knew my book cover needed to "pop," and he created a design that was unique, bold, inviting and humorous. People LOVE the cover. As Bless Your Mess was my first experience as an author, I didn't know what to expect from my graphic designer. To my delight, Nick was such a perfect match for my needs: great energy, keen insights, powerful layouts, patient with my inexperience, and a wonderful supporter every step of the way. I can't wait to write my second book and see what he will create next!"
- Ashi, author of Bless Your Mess and create a home that feels fabulous!
Grace Your Space Productions


"As a first time author, I completely underestimated the value of a good cover. It may be sad, but it's true: people do judge a book by its cover. And the cover is the one part of your book where you need to seek professional, experienced guidance. Nick is the best I've found. He not only did a superb job on my cover, but he was able to deliver the finished product within 24 hours - allowing me to meet my deadline."
-Brian Schwartz, Author, 50 Interviews


"Nick of NZ Graphics made the process of pulling together the total look and feel of my book an easy, quick and fun process. Like sending my precious child to finishing school, she came out a winner thanks to Nick's professional polishing!"
- Melisa Pearce, author, CEO


"Not only are Nick's unique talent and creativity evident in the design work he does on both interior and exterior materials, it is also evident in his amazing capacity to understand the author's message. With little more than the briefest description of what my book was about, he immediately came up with cover photos and designs that stunned me with their accuracy and attention-grabbing style. Already into my second book, I know Nick will be my 'go-to' graphic designer again."
- Fiona Cattermole, MSW, CPBA, author of Kids & Kaos


"In 2003, my book won the 1st place EVVY Award in the Spiritual/Inspiration category. This award is granted not only for excellence of book content, but also for excellence of design and layout. That 1st place award speaks to the excellence of what NZ Graphics offers clients."
- Melanie Mulhall, Author of EVVY Award winning book, Living The Dream - A Guidebook For Job Seekers And Career Explorers

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